The Cathedral Gathering Areas & Parish Center

Some things to know about the restoration.

1. After an 18 month study of the entire Cathedral complex with engineers and architects it was determined that the Cathedral buildings have many issues and that we can no longer wait to replace the roof, heating system, lights, floors and sound system.

2. The situation with rest rooms has been a problem for years especially at large Diocesan celebrations. More rest rooms facilities are essential.

3. Adding more rest rooms can only be accomplished by taking space from the Cathedral rectory which means eliminating some offices.

4. Classrooms and meeting rooms are needed and thus will be located on the first floor of the former rectory.

5. The second floor will be office space.

6. The third floor will be the rectory with 3 small residential suites for priests.

7. This will enable the re-purpose of the Curley bldg. (lease or sale) which houses the parish center at this time.

8. The Parish Center will be constructed in the area of the Chapel and entire first floor of the former Cathedral rectory will be called the Parish Center.

9. The process will take at least two years beginning April 1, 2016 for the Parish Center. After Easter 2017 the Church will be restored – new roof, heating, lights, sound system, painting etc.

10. This is a Diocesan wide project being funded by a large diocesan campaign including our own parish.

11. There will be disruptions beginning April 1, 2016 – parish offices moving to Curley bldg./ priests moving to Our Lady of Pompeii rectory/ cancellation of 7:10 AM Mass/ arrangements will be made for temporary rest rooms for a time.

12. The Church will remain open, yet when the roof / heating and floors are being restored there will be parts of the Church that will be closed off.

13. Fundraising for Cathedral parish will begin April 3.